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About me ...

I'm Emily and I'm one of Customer Service Hosts at Woodside.

My job consists of ensuring that the restaurant is kept clean and tidy, all dishes are cleared off of the tables when finished with and welcoming all customers with a smiley face and making sure they have a good time. 

I work alongside Meg and Beth (Our supervisors), who manage me to ensure this is all achieved.

Fun facts about me ...


My favourite part about working at Woodside is the fact that it is a friendly environment to work in. I enjoy chatting to our customers and love seeing our regulars.

I was team member of the month for June.

I have two cats, Poppy (8 years old) and Kitty (15 years old) which I adore them both.

My favourite meal is the Miso Chicken which is from our vendor Haku, and my favourite drink I like to get after a long shift is the Zombie cocktail from Pausha.

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