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About me ...

I'm Meg and I'm one of the two Supervisors who work at Woodside.

My job consists of ensuring that all team members are doing their job properly and in time and making sure the restaurant is being managed well, alongside our other Supervisor, Beth.

I also work with Beth on managing the rota's to ensure we are well staffed for the days we open at Woodside.

Fun facts about me ...

My favourite part about working at Woodside is the people that I work with.

I have a blonde cockapoo his name is Riley and he is 2 years old.

My favourite meal to have is a Rice bowl from our vendor Haku, they're all too nice that I couldn't choose just one.

My go to drink after a shift in Woodside is a Malibu and pineapple with a splash of grenadine and a cheeky shot of tequila rose from the Pausha Bar.

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