Council update on Birkenhead Regeneration

A key step in bringing forward the regeneration of the Birkenhead town centre has been approved by Wirral Council. The council’s cabinet was asked to back the purchase of the shop units at Milton Pavement and unit 13-15 at St Werburgh’s Square.

The regeneration of Birkenhead is being led by the Wirral Growth Company (WGC), a partnership between the council and urban regeneration specialists Muse Developments. Due to start on November 7 is a second phase of the public consultation on Birkenhead and the outcome of this will help shape future regeneration plans for the town.

Milton Pavement is at the heart of Birkenhead town centre and its “strategic” purchase by the Council will ensure that any redevelopment proposals arising from the public consultation on the future of the town centre can be delivered and will have a positive impact on the area.

Leader of Wirral Council, Cllr Pat Hackett, said: “This investment will deliver two key objectives at the same time – help kickstart the regeneration of Birkenhead, which in turn will bring in money in future years to help the council continue delivering the crucial frontline services residents and businesses rely upon.

“The council is facing some very difficult decisions in the coming weeks and months as the impact of almost a decade of austerity continues to bite ever deeper. In the last eight years Wirral Council has seen its funding reduced from central government by more than £250m.

“Our plans for Birkenhead tackle these two areas simultaneously: Regenerating Birkenhead will help turn the town around and create a prosperous community, and at the same time, by investing in this now the council will earn income from it in the future, helping support vital frontline services from social care to road maintenance.”

A report on the purchase was presented to Wirral Council cabinet which highlighted that the purchase of the site – which is close to other sites owned by the local authority – will allow the council greater control of the town centre and ensure that future developments deliver the regeneration needed.