Eating Out Recommendations Merseyside

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Have you ever fancied a day or a night out and wondered where to go for great food? If so, then a fast-growing Facebook group will give you the perfect answer to your question.

Eating Out Recommendations Merseyside is the brainchild of Peter Rogan, who has taken on the role of providing reviews of a huge number of restaurants, pubs and a variety of other venues which serve food and drink in the Merseyside area.

Peter started the group because of his particular needs in being a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, when every day decisions on where to go for food, what is the venue like, what menus do they serve are important.

So, going for a family meal needed planning in looking for places suitable for an autistic child in finding a restaurant with a play area, wi-fi availability, baby changing facilities, good parking, low playing music, and of course great food options - perhaps things many of us take for granted.

Peter said, “I went online to find a group that could help with my search for the perfect restaurant, but at the time I found there were no groups offering the detail I needed, so I created one myself. My objective was to have a group that could offer people positive advice on places to eat, all based on their own personal experiences.

He added, “Eating Out Recommendations is different in that we don’t post negative comments. I am often asked why? Well, I feel we can all be too critical and sometimes things go wrong, and if highlighted at the time it is more than likely a simple error and the important thing is how the problem is dealt with. I didn’t want to be responsible for the demise of someone’s livelihood. So, the system isn’t perfect but so far Eating Out Merseyside Recommendations is working really well, and we have very quickly grown to have around 25,000 followers.”

Its popularity has enabled Peter to undertake the creation of other Eating Out groups, such as reviews for venues in Manchester and Cheshire, with others already in the pipeline including a Friends Group for those who want to eat out and meet other people, and a group called Eating IN Merseyside Recommendations, which will be for takeaway recommendations.

Never one to stand still Peter together with his wife Gemma, are looking to the future with a number of creative ideas, such as developing an App that would link all restaurants with Eating Out Merseyside Recommendations group members, giving options to book a table, see the menus, check things like disabled toilets, parking, vegan/vegetarian/gluten free options, dog friendly options, special offers, and venue location and directions.

With more ideas to move forward, Peter added, “I will also be looking at a loyalty card for our group members, for which I will be talking to restaurants about offering discounts, it may not be much but something. In economically tight times if a restaurant wants custom then we can look to discuss offers as an incentive to go visit.

“It would be great to organise Eating Out Group nights, when I could take over a

restaurant for a night, and invite along our group members. I would look to charge a set price for tickets, pay the restaurant and any money left over would be donated to a local charity.

“Eating Out Merseyside Recommendations does not do advertising, so I run competitions which enables members to participate and the opportunity to win a prize, which is usually from a restaurant. So far, I have run about 100 competitions and I have had great participation and feedback from both group members and the respective restaurants.”

Sharon Stanton, MD of Birkenhead based Woodside Ferry Village, commented, “We are group members of Eating Out Merseyside Recommendations, and have found that this online initiative has been very positive for our food offer. The group has grown very quickly, which shows how popular it is and how effective it has become not only for food service providers like ourselves but also for the customers looking for a very easy method of making choices of where to go. We would like to thank Peter and all involved with Eating Out Merseyside Recommendations for the work they all do in promoting the fantastic food venues that we have in our region ”

In closing Peter took the opportunity to thank the various people who act as Moderators for Eating Out Merseyside Recommendations, saying, “Thank you to my moderators who make the group what it is....a successful member led group which is continuing to grow – so if you are looking for eating recommendations have a look at our Facebook group and you may find the answers you are looking for.”

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