Supporting our NHS and Support Services

We clapped again last night for the amazing NHS and all the other people working in services which will help us beat this awful virus.

But we also take our hat off to 12 year old Daniel Stanton, son of Woodside Ferry Village MD, Sharon Stanton, who very bravely offered to have his head shaved just after


He did this in order to raise vital donations for the Arrowe Park Critical Care Staff in supporting the Danny De Brabander charity #teamddb.

Daniel looked to raise £100 but, so far and still counting, he has raised £750 – wow and wow again!! Not too late to pledge your support #stayhomeshaveyourhead

💗 Daniel is over the moon and wants to thank each and every one of you.

It’s amazing how our communities come together and support each other and despite being closed at this time Woodside Ferry Village will contine to support its communty. 💗

💗Thank you everyone who donated

💗 Thank you to all the Support Workers keeping us alive 💙

💗 Thank you Daniel, you are a star 🌟